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A Johannesburg based advisory services firm relentlessly focused on the maxim “simplicity through clarity”.

the opportunity.

Thoreau approached Moonshine Run to further develop a basic brand strategy they had in mind and establish an online presence. They soon realised the need for an online platform to market their company on when approaching potential clients who regularly asked, “do you have a website?”

We were asked to design a fresh, striking brand identity that evoked a strong sense of perspective. Finding synergy between how the company approaches work in a clear and structural manner.

Before getting Thoreau online, we had to design strong brand identity for this established company that encompasses their beliefs and what their company aims to achieve. 

our involvement.

Thoreau expressed their need for a fresh, striking brand identity that encompassed perspective. We went on to create a variety of ideas that we proposed to the client. It did not take long before we agreed on a look and feel that we could carry incorporate, both online and offline.

setting up the brand.

Working with their existing logo, the Moonshine Run creatives came up with a simple, yet effective design to identify the brand.

With “perspective” in mind, our creative team brainstormed various options to portray this look on our clients website. A simple line design in conjunction with the striking orange colour of their logo was a winning combination.

This embodied everything the director of the company believed in as it all spoke to structure and his number one belief of the company, “simplicity through clarity”.

creating their website.

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