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Distributors and specialists in Ultraviolet and Infrared lamps and equipment. Technilamp has the widest range stock of these special lamps in South Africa and distribute nation-wide.

the opportunity.

In 2018, Moonshine Run were called upon to assist with a complete rebrand for established company, Technilamp. The goal was to realign their core messaging and build a functional eCommerce website that was easy to navigate and simple for clients to purchase from. Given their many years in the industry, their website had been built when the company started and fiddled with by various “developers” over the years. Needless to say, a complete redesign and build was completely necessary.

Technilamp approached us when looking for a company to assist with the objective of refreshing and redesigning their existing website that was very out-dated and not user friendly. Functionality was regarded a priority with their extensive list of products that need to be displayed for purchase. Moonshine Run set out to create an eCommerce website that would allow clients to buy online, without hassle.

our involvement.

Moonshine Run took on the challenge and  developed a stand alone website for their international branch in Europe before redesigning and building a fully functional eCommerce website for their South African market.

After learning more about the industry, their target market as well as who and what competitors in the industry were up to, we were able to put a concise site map together and built a proposal off this. 

Moonshine Run worked closely with an SEO auditing company that the client used to ensure all pages were functioning optimally. This helped establish best practice for future outputs on the website as the company continues to evolve.

our solution.

We approached the challenge with enthusiasm as this was a an opportunity to ensure that Technilamps brand values and competitive prices in the undustry were fully reflected in its online presence.

Our team designed the website with user experience in mind that guides users through a prescribed discovery user flow. The new site design and build enhances clarity and ease-of-use for potential clients.

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