luxe loft.

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Luxe Loft sells the best of Korean Beauty products in South Africa, online.


the opportunity.

The brief focused on designing and developing an eCommerce website that would allow clients from all over South Africa to buy products online.

Luxe Loft took full advantage of the gap in the market – the need for Korean Beauty products – and turned to Moonshine Run to help develop a fully-functional, consumer-focused eCommerce experience. 

our involvement.

With the large variety of products and purchasing avenues, we needed to focus our efforts on planning a website that would allow for growth as the company expanded. In planning, we needed to be sure to set the site up with a ‘digital marketing friendly’ structure to allow for various traffic-driving avenues to be easily implemented at a later stage.

our solution.

Moonshine Run designed and developed a responsive e-commerce website, placing our focus on the mobile web experience as it came to our attention through analytics that 70-80% of the traffic was viewing the site on their mobile devices. It was paramount that we ensured the site was responsive and easy to navigate with the vast number of products.

This fully functional e-commerce site allows customers to view all the products via category or brand, add products to a “wish-list”, which they can view later and easy online payments.

product photography.

We photographed all the products on the website.

social media.

In this day, social media commerce is on the rise. We connected the site to Facebook and Instagram opening up more avenues to share and sell products..

digital marketing.

In terms of digital marketing, the site was set up in a way that we could implement Google Ads while ensuring we can track goals and conversions in an effective manner that provides valuable data for both us and our client.

We continuously analyse, manage and optimise the account to levitate any unnecessary spend and ensure a higher ROI.