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The Fintax Group is a financial consulting company based in Johannesburg that has been advising clients since 1983.

the opportunity.

Initially Moonshine Run was bought on board to help this financial consulting group build a brand identity. They were looking for a clean brand image that was simple to navigate and relayed a powerful message.

Later we were asked to assist with a redesign of their website that would increase conversions of qualified leads, with a modern look at design and content to grab a younger target market.



our involvement.

Once a strong brand identity was created that embodied what Fintax stood for we were able to portray this in their corporate stationary as well as their website design. In 2019 we were approached to redesign the website with a younger target audience in mind as they were looking to introduce new models aimed at the youth into their company. Thus, Blue Print for Life was born. Moonshine Run designed a new look and feel and created a platform in which Blue Print for Life could be incorporated into the business model.

For both The Fintax Group website as well as the Blue Print for Life portal, we kept the design clean, using little content to get the message across in a powerful manner. We placed emphasis on imagery on both sites with businesses offerings being the focal point. A powerful balance of the companies striking colours and elegant font makes both sites easy to navigate and bold.

our solution.

Ensure the website design relayed a desired message about what they offer to all target markets. An easy to navigate website was designed to ensure users were able to find a service best suited for them with ease and without confusion.

We advised our client to advertise on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn in order to grab a younger market. Here a content strategy was created in which the youth are targeted with topical articles, quotes and posts.

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