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A start up that originated in a garage in Melville soon evolved as they realised the demand for trade in second-hand bicycles. 

the opportunity.

Bike Market realised the need for a website to create awareness about their business as they were moving and expanding their company. The team approached us to design and build a website to showcase their second-hand bikes. There was a huge need to create an online presence that would gain the trust of clients looking to buy second-hand goods online as this can always be second guessed.

our involvement.

Moonshine Run jumped at the opportunity to create an online presence for the Bike Market team and worked closely with them to create a look and feel that embodied their physical store while ensuring functionality and ease of the site.

Our team was adamant to ensure that their digital offering aligned with their business goals. It was not long after launching the initial website that sales increased and the team decided to implement a payment system into the website and create a fully functional eCommerce site. Moonshine Run worked with an external designer/iconographer based in Vietnam to ensure this online store could match sales in store with the goal to gain the trust of clients looking to buy second-hand bikes online.

our solution.

After a few months business at their new location and their website showcasing their bikes and how quickly they were moving, we realised that Bike Market had great potnetial to stand out from competitors in the market. Our goal was to amplify their message about “getting people on bikes” to the right target audience.

With the new e-commerce site we introduced Google Ads and collaborated effective SEO on the website. We understood the power of content and needed to relay the “showcase” the guys in the shop are able to give to their instore customers to those visiting the website. We ensured the user experience was memorable for anyone visiting the website from start to finish and created a website that encaptulated the clients wants and needs to meet desired goals as mentioned.

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